"Karen is a professional, reliable, dedicated, incredibly well informed and passionate Coach."

"Through her inspiring words of wisdom and practical exercises, Karen has helped put me back in control..."


"I approached Karen with a few goals in mind about improving my life. I felt stuck in a pattern I wasn’t enjoying but didn’t know what to do to change things for the better. Karen provided a safe and inspiring space for me to talk though what may be holding me back. Her experience of the corporate world and the techniques she felt were relevant for me, really opened my eyes and I learnt a lot about myself very quickly.

Karen provided a different and refreshing perspective and I found this opened up many opportunities in my own mind. With this new found knowledge and Karen’s support, I found that understanding what I needed to do and actually making that change was much easier than expected.

Within six sessions I found myself spending almost all my time focused on activities that I love and find inspiring. I am so pleased to have found someone who could help me realise the dreams I had previously shied away from. I regularly recommend Karen to anyone that will listen and will continue to do so. Thank you Karen!"

"Through her inspiring words of wisdom and practical exercises, Karen has helped put me back in control. After returning to work following the birth of my daughter to a challenging and very busy role I felt that I was drowning under my workload. I was struggling to adjust to the ‘new me’ in the workplace who needed to leave on time! Having been very ambitious for all of my career, for the first time in my life, I had no plan on how to take things forward.

With Karen's help, I have turned my current role around and restored my professional confidence. I am now working on my plans for the future, which I will have ready for a time that I chose is right to start moving forward again. I highly recommend Karen, she has a way of bringing perspective through a one liner pearl of wisdom or a short fun exercise on things that I struggled with for months. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and I am certain the skills and knowledge I have learned from her will continue transforming my career (and life) for a long time to come!"

"I believe the biggest compliment I can pay Karen is before I started the coaching sessions, I was quite sceptical of witnessing any personal change/development. However within two sessions I found my thought process had completely changed and rather than taking the easy option and seeing the negative in my situation I was able to look forward with a positive approach to life through the 'tools' Karen had given me during the sessions.

Karen's approach and style put me immediately at ease from the first session which is critical in making progress. I felt as if I was talking to a friend I had known for many years. Karen completely understood my concerns and fears about my future within the first few minutes of the first session which were very considerable personal concerns and panic as I had just been made redundant after 19 years in the same company. The sessions allowed me to change the focus of my thinking and gave great clarity as to how to move my situation forward. Every individual is, of course, very different but personally I would not hesitate in recommending Karen to anyone I know even if they are extremely sceptical. It really can be life changing – a phrase over used and very understated."

"Over the short space of time I spent with Karen, we covered a lot of ground and got very focused on what the important outcomes were for me (going through my largest career transition in 30 years). Our sessions were full of energy, direction, empathy and laughter. I was left feeling motivated each time. Even though I was going through significant hell, Karen constantly showed empathy, provided clarity when I was feeling overwhelmed and showed confidence in me and my decisions (showing me historical evidence on success when I was filled with doubt). Karen is an excellent coach and person."

"Karen is a professional, reliable, dedicated, incredibly well informed and passionate Coach. It was obvious to me, from each minute I spent with her, that she had a genuine interest in me, my experiences and my life goals which she has since helped me navigate my way through. She has done so with a mixture of incredibly effective practical tools and also, with an outstanding sense of empathy. She is very good at making links in our sessions and coming back to something I have mentioned some time ago.

It is hard to emphasise just how much Karen has shaped and clarified my thoughts and my direction. She has filled me with confidence and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone for Coaching. She is a delight to work with and has a compassionate human touch which I appreciate no end."

"Karen provided me with great insight and methods to implement change. Her approach to guidance and support was very warm and engaging. An excellent listener coupled with her skill to question, enabled her to identify my challenges and teach me the key skills of how to move forward. It has been an invaluable process which has undoubtedly prepared me for the path ahead. An outstanding executive coach."